Notebook Cover

  The Clovers - Part 3

By Marv Goldberg

    based on interviews with Harold Lucas, Harold Winley,
Matthew McQuater, Billy Mitchell,
Johnny Mason, and John Bowie

(Note: the original of this article appeared in
Discoveries #113 - 10/97)

© 1999, 2009 by Marv Goldberg

Harold Lucas and Billy Mitchell immediately put together another Clovers group, whose other members were tenor James "Toy" Walton and bass Robert Russell (both of whom had backed up Billy, on Poplar, as part of the Bachelors). On October 10, 1961, they returned to the Atlantic Studios to lay down the final four tracks for the company that took them from the top to the bottom. They recorded "The Bootie Green," "Salty Tears," "Travel On," and "Drive It Home," with Billy Mitchell leading all of them.

ad for The Bootie Green "The Bootie Green" and "Drive It Home" were released in December 1961. "Bootie Green," in various spellings is a term that had been around for years. In 1950, Tiny Bradshaw released a nonsense song called "Boodie Green" on the King label. The Treniers had a version on Epic, in April of 1956. Finally, the Olympics had recorded "Boo-Dee Green" for Arvee in 1960. The Clovers' "Bootie Green" was an attempt to cash in on the twist craze: its lyrics claimed it was "something like the twist." It sounds as raunchy as the Midnighters' "The Twist" was (on Vee-Jay), before Hank Ballard toned it down (on King). "Drive It Home" was a remake of Hal Paige's 1953 Atlantic offering. I'm told it's a thinly-disguised off-color piece with a car theme ("we give it the number one/drive it home"); I really can't make much out of the lyrics at all. The best I can say about it is that it's got nice piano work. Regardless, it couldn't compete against "Peppermint Twist," "Moon River," "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," "The Wanderer," and "Duke Of Earl."

At the Apollo On February 23, 1962, this Clovers group appeared at the Apollo, on the Hal Jackson Oldies Show. The other acts were: the Cadillacs, the Hollywood Flames, the Imperials, the Charts, Charlie & Ray, the Kodoks, the Turbans, Tiny Topsy, and the Reuben Phillips Orchestra.

A 1962 Winley release, by "The Fabulous Clovers featuring John 'Buddy' Bailey," was "Be My Baby" (featuring a flute), backed with "They're Rockin' Down The Street" ("twistin' to the beat" - the melody is very like Chuck Berry's "Almost Grown"). Later that year, Winley issued "Gotta Quit You" (an uptempo tune, with Bailey showing some grit in his voice), coupled with "I Need You Now" (a nice early-60s ballad). These two sides were billed as "The Clovers featuring John Buddy Bailey." While Buddy was the lead on all of these, the rest of the group is unknown.

Our Winter Romance Also in 1962, Billy Mitchell left. He did some solo work around the D.C. area for a while and would occasionally sing with any Clovers group that played there. He was replaced by Roosevelt "Tippie" Hubbard, who had recorded "Our Winter Romance" and "Nobody" (as "Tippy Hubbard" on Frandy #607 around January 1961). There's a group on both sides; is it the Clovers? If so, they're only backing him, since he didn't become a member until the following year. However, all the singers involved are now deceased, so we may never know.

The Lucas group went to the Stenton label (as "Tippie and the Clovermen"), where they did a very pretty version of "Please Mr. Sun." It was backed by "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme," which was a faster version of the Spaniels' "I Like It Like That" (suddenly written by "Tippie & the Clovermen"). Also done at the session was a really pretty tune called "Our Winter Romance."

Later in 1962, "Tippie and the Clovers" recorded for the Tiger label (a subsidiary of Rust Records). Trying to cash in on the bossa nova craze, they recorded two Leiber & Stoller creations: "Bossa Nova, Baby" and "The Bossa Nova (My Heart Said)" (the latter credited to Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, as well as Leiber and Stoller). Released in November 1962, this is the same "Bossa Nova, Baby" that Elvis Presley did, and, in fact, was issued before his version. The instrumentation is excellent (both sides), but a bit fast for a bossa nova. "The Bossa Nova" (not bad, but wrong for the Clovers) has the lyrics: "what can you lose, you got feet, you got shoes," which are similar to lyrics in an unreleased Drifters tune from December 1963, called "Beautiful Music"; it's possible that Mann and Weil worked on that too. This group then switched over to Brunswick, where they recorded "The Kickapoo" (a dance record, partially written by Jackie Wilson), backed with a remake of "Love! Love! Love!" There was no reason for the childish lyrics of "Love! Love! Love!" to be recorded in the 60s; it even has the Dread Chorus. These were released in September 1963. All the Stenton, Tiger, and Brunswick tunes were led by Tippie Hubbard.

Little Nate & Shells Meanwhile, in 1963, a Bailey group recorded for another of Paul Winley's labels, Porwin (which he owned with Record Shack's Eddie Portnoy). The "Clovers" on these sides were tenor Nathaniel "Little Nate" Bouknight, former lead of the Shells, Peggy Winley Mills (Harold and Paul's sister), and Ann Winley (Paul's wife). There's a chance that this is the same group that recorded the two 1962 Winley releases. The first of their two Porwin records (credited to "The Clovers, Featuring Buddy Bailey") was released in June 1963: "Stop Pretending," backed with "One More Time (Come On)." "Stop Pretending"(a song that Nate had been practicing with the Shells) was the last Clovers' record that could be said to have charted, topping off at #134 in August. "One More Time (Come On)" has a very early-60s soul sound. The second release (by "Buddy Bailey & The Clovers"), issued later in 1963, was "It's All In The Game" (somewhat tango-ish), coupled with "That's What I Will Be" (a nice ballad). All leads were by Buddy.

Clovers Trio Later in 1963, Buddy Bailey, Harold Lucas, and Harold Winley reunited to form a new Clovers trio (shades of 1946!); they would remain together for a little over a year.

The last mention I could find of Lou Krefetz was in February 1964, when he was named national sales manager for Juggy Murray's Sue Records.

In the Fall of 1964, as a reaction to the Searchers' hit remake of "Love Potion Number Nine," Paul Winley leased some old Winley and Porwin masters to Pickwick International. Pickwick released them as an album (on their Grand Prix Series) entitled The Original Love Potion Number Nine By The Clovers. Since the title song was a remake of "Potion" (with Buddy in the lead and tambourines behind him), the title of the album was a flat-out lie! Five of the remaining cuts had previously been on singles: "I Need You," "Gotta Quit You," "They're Rockin'," and "Let Me Hold You" had all been issued on Winley (a couple with slightly different titles); "That's What I Will Be" was a Porwin cut. The rest of the album consisted of: "Pen And Tablet," "Please Don't Mess With Me," "Out Here," and "T.V. Fanatic," which had either been recorded for Winley or Porwin, but never released. Some of these were bland and some were kind of semi-Soul. As a whole, it sounds like the LP was thrown together over a weekend.

The week beginning January 1, 1965, brought an "Old Goldies" show to the Apollo Theater and the Clovers trio (Bailey, Lucas, and Winley) was present. The other acts were: Sonny Til & Orioles, the 5 Keys, the Solitaires, the Bobbettes, Charlie & Ray, the Hollywood Flames, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Jackie & Starlights, and Paul Winley (as MC).

Harold Winley decided to call it quits after this show. ("I was in school, competing with my kids for As and Bs.") Bailey and Lucas stayed together long enough to record some sides for their ex-boss at Atlantic, Herb Abramson. Herb had been doing independent production work, and they recorded "He Sure Could Hypnotize" and "Poor Baby" for him on April 8, 1965. The others on the session were tenor Jimmy Taylor and bass Robert Russell. These sides were then sold to the Port label (part of Jay-Gee Records and run by Jerry Blaine's son, Steve), where they quickly faded from sight. "He Sure Could Hypnotize" has a distinct Coasters-type sound, and "Poor Baby" is more in a Soul vein. Soon, Bailey and Lucas had parted company for the last time.

Bailey got together a new group (members unknown), which recorded for Lana later in 1965, turning out updated versions of "Love Potion No. 9" and "Devil Or Angel." This was one of these "It Shouldn't Have Been Done" sessions, which could only invite comparison with the originals. They even "fixed" the lyrics: where once he "kissed a cop," now it was "when I kissed a girl."

Harold Lucas and Robert Russell got back with Roosevelt "Tippie" Hubbard and James "Toy" Walton to record a session for the Shrine label in D.C. (owned by Raynoma Gordy, former wife of Berry Gordy). Al Fox was a fifth voice on the four sides ("Wait Till I Get There," "Let Me Walk Away," "I Wouldn't Mind Crying," and "Bye, Bye") that were recorded under the name "Tippie And The Wisemen." Unreleased at the time, the first three have since surfaced on a couple of Shrine compilation CDs. Soon after these 1966 recordings, the Wisemen became the Clovers again.

In 1968, Harold Winley decided to get back into the Clovers business. He put together a group (lead Bobby Adams, tenor Johnny Taylor, and baritone Raymond Loper [formerly of the 5 Keys]). This group recorded two records for the Josie label (the sessions were produced by Bobby Robinson). April saw the release of the Soul sounds "Too Long Without Some Loving" and "For Days." In August, "Try My Lovin' On You" and "Sweet Side Of A Soulful Woman" (with a Drifters-type sound) were issued.

Lucas Group Lucas Group Meanwhile, back at the Lucas group, bass Robert Russell had died in 1969, and was replaced by John Bowie, another veteral of the Bachelors. Also, Al Fox had departed somewhere along the way. In October 1975, they (Roosevelt "Tippie" Hubbard, James "Toy" Walton, Harold Lucas, and John Bowie) went contemporary and released a disco recording called "Bump Jive!" on Bill Hancock's D.C.-based Aladdin label. (This was actually a reworking of Johnny Otis' "Willie And The Hand Jive," on a label that was made to look like the original 50s Aladdin [although the colors were pink and black].) Unfortunately, shortly after the recording, Toy Walton passed away. He was replaced first by Andrew Lawyer (who had recently been in the Spaniels), and then by Johnny Mason. (Note that Russell, Bowie, and Walton had all been in the Jets/Bachelors.) Around 1980, Tippie died also (singing with Lucas was getting to be an occupational hazard), and his replacement was Steve Charles.

Clovers: 1988 Billy Mitchell The last time Bailey, Mitchell, McQuater, Lucas, and Winley ever sang together, was in 1988, at a show for the Rhythm And Blues Foundation in Austin, Texas. It was the first time in 25 years that they'd been together. Bill Harris was terminally ill by that time, but his son, Joseph, a bass player, led the band. They sang "Blue Velvet," "Devil Or Angel," and "One Mint Julep." A problem developed because Harold Lucas had brought his own Clovers group along. The solution was to have them come out and sing "Love Potion #9." Others on the show were Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Thunderbirds, Ruth Brown, and Chuck Jackson.

Bill Harris A short while later, in October 1988, there was a benefit concert for Bill Harris. Bill had pancreatic cancer, and the benefit was held to raise money for his medical bills. This time it was Lucas's group that performed.

Lucas Clovers The last known recordings of Harold Lucas' Clovers appeared on the Ripete label of Elliott, South Carolina. The group was now Steve Charles, Johnny Mason, Harold Lucas, and John Bowie. On May 13, 1988, they recorded "Drive It Home" (the last tune that the Clovers had done for Atlantic), and Ben E. King's "Don't Play It No More." These were released that same year. In July 1989, they recorded some more of their old sides: "Blue Velvet," "One Mint Julep," "Lovey Dovey," and "Hey Miss Fannie." The first three were released, in 1989, on a Ripete EP, along with their version of the Falcons' "You're So Fine."

By 1990, Chuck Battle had replaced Steve Charles. That same year, "Hey Miss Fannie" was released, along with the newly-recorded "Goin' Home To Jesus." The latter song doesn't have the full group, however. Harold and John were sick in Myrtle Beach, but the studio time was already paid for. Consequently, Johnny Mason and Chuck Battle did the song themselves, with the added voice of Marion Carter, owner of Ripete! There was also a Ripete album that was issued only on tape, around 1989. Called The Clovers: Live At CT's, it contains versions of many of their hits, and does a fine job of showcasing a Lucas group live show.

In 1991, the Clovers were inducted into the UGHA Hall Of Fame, along with the Orioles, the Ravens, the Cadillacs, the Heartbeats, the Harptones, and the Teenagers. Both Harold Winley and Buddy Bailey were present to receive their awards.

Harold Lucas became ill in 1993 and died the following year. When this was written (in early 1997), the group ("Johnny Mason and the Clovers") consisted of Johnny Mason, Richard Merritt, David Warren, and John Bowie (with Dean Cavanaugh used as a utility fill-in when needed). With many, many personnel changes over the years, the Johnny Mason Clovers are still around in 2009.

Both John "Buddy" Bailey and Harold Winley sang with Jimmie Nabbie's Ink Spots over the years (as did Sonny Til), although not at the same time. Harold took over the leadership of the group when Nabbie died in 1992.

Harold Winley in 2004 Most of the Clovers are gone now: Bill Harris passed away from cancer in 1988; Harold Lucas died in January 1994; Buddy Bailey a month later. Charlie White is also dead, as is John Phillip, Matthew McQuater, and Lou Krefetz. Billy Mitchell lived in D.C., and occasionally joined the Johnny Mason group. He died on November 6, 2002, at the age of 71, after having been in a nursing home for a while. Tippie Hubbard died in April 1985. Harold Winley ("I'm the only one still standing") carried on Jimmie Nabbie's Ink Spots (with the Swallows' Herman "Junior" Denby on lead, as of mid-2001) until 2009 when he became part of "The Original Clovers, Featuring Harold Winley." He's still alive in August 2018.

And that's the story of the Clovers, certainly one of the most popular groups in the history of R&B. Harold Lucas was right back in 1946; it was a lucky name!


Special thanks to Ronnie Italiano, George Moonoogian, Dave Hinckley, Jeff Beckman, Chris Buccola, Victor Pearlin, Nikki Gustafson, Paul Webb, and Chris Beachley. Ads are, of course, from various volumes of Galen Gart's First Pressings series. Discographical information was cheerfully plundered from Ferdie Gonzalez' Disco-File.


11-122 Yes Sir, That's My Baby (BB/HW)/When You Come Back To Me (BB/HW) - 11/50

934 Don't You Know I Love You (BB)/Skylark (BB/HW) - 3/51
944 Needless (BB/HW)/Fool, Fool, Fool (BB) - 8/51
963 One Mint Julep (BB)/Middle Of The Night (BB) - 3/52
969 Ting-A-Ling (BB)/Wonder Where My Baby's Gone (BB) - 6/52
977 I Played The Fool (BB)/Hey Miss Fannie (BB) - 10/52
989 Yes, It's You (BB)/Crawlin' (BB) - 2/53
1000 Here Goes A Fool (BB)/Good Lovin' (CW) - 6/53
1010 Comin' On (BB)/The Feeling Is So Good (BB) - 11/53
1022 Lovey Dovey (CW)/Little Mama (CW) - 2/54
1035 I've Got My Eyes On You (CW)/Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash (BM) - 6/54
1046 I Confess (CW)/Alrighty Oh Sweetie (BB) - 10/54
1052 Blue Velvet (BB)/If You Love Me (BB) - 12/54
1060 Love Bug (BB)/In The Morning Time (BM) - 4/55
1073 Nip Sip (BB)/If I Could Be Loved By You (BB) - 8/55
1083 Devil Or Angel (BB)/Hey Doll Baby (BB) - 1/56
1094 Love, Love, Love (BB)/Your Tender Lips (BB & MM) - 5/56
1107 From The Bottom Of My Heart (BM)/Bring Me Love (BB) - 8/56
1118 Baby Baby, Oh My Darling (BB)/A Lonely Fool (BB & BM) - 11/56
1129 Here Comes Romance (BB)/You Good Looking Woman (BB) - 3/57
1139 I I I Love You (BM)/So Young (BB) - 5/57
1152 Down In The Alley (ALL)/There's No Tomorrow (BB & MM) - 8/57
1175 Wishing For Your Love (BB)/All About You (BM) - 1/58

      Better Be On My Way (BB)
      All Night Boogie (BB)
      Blue Moon (MM)
      Middle Of The Night (first version) (BB)
      Comin' On (first version) (BB)
      Pretty Woman (HW)
      One More Kiss (BB)
      I Confess (second version) (CW)
      Only While I Dream (first version) (BM)
      Down In The Alley (first version) (ALL)
      Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash (second version) (BM)
      Nobody But You (??)
      Only While I Dream (second version) (BM)
      Love Bug (first version) (BB)
      Love, Love, Love (first version) (BB)
      Kiss Me Before You Go (??)
      Springtime (BB)
      Love May Call (??)
      In The Rain (??)
      Baby Darling (??)
      Pretty Eyes (??)

1248 The Clovers - 1956 (reissued as 8009 in 1957, and again in 1959)
      Love, Love, Love; Middle Of The Night; Lovey Dovey; Blue Velvet; Yes, It's You; Little Mama;
      Ting-A-Ling; Crawlin'; I Played The Fool; Here Goes A Fool; Hey Miss Fanny [sic]; I Got My Eyes On You;
      Don't You Know I Love You; Devil Or Angel

8034 The Clovers' Dance Party - 1959
      Love Bug; I I I Love You; All About You; In The Morning Time; If I Could Be Loved By You;
      Your Tender Lips; So Young; Fool, Fool, Fool; Down In The Alley; Wishing For Your Love; Nip Sip;
      There's No Tomorrow

EP 504 One Mint Julep - late 52
      One Mint Julep/Fool, Fool, Fool//Hey, Miss Fannie/I Played The Fool

EP 537 Good Lovin' - 54
      Good Lovin'/Ting-A-Ling//Lovey Dovey/Crawlin'

EP 590 The Clovers - 57
      Love, Love, Love/Devil Or Angel//Blue Velvet/From The Bottom Of My Heart

110 The Gossip Wheel (BB)/Please Come On To Me (BM) - 6/58
111 The Good Old Summertime (BM)/Idaho (BB) - 8/58

1001 The Clovers - In Clover - 1958
      Old Black Magic (BB); Good Old Summertime (BM); Jamaica Farewell (BB); Idaho (BB);
      What Is This Thing Called Love (BB); Please Come On To Me (BM); Pennies From Heaven (BB);
      Kentucky Babe (ALL);To Each His Own (BB); Rock And Roll Tango (BM) ***; Vaya Con Dios (BB & MM);
      My Mother's Eyes (BM)

            *** NOTE: This song is by Billy Mitchell, backed up by the Bachelors.

174 Old Black Magic (BB)/Rock And Roll Tango (BM) *** - 5/59
180 Love Potion # 9 (BM)/Stay Awhile (BB) - 7/59
209 One Mint Julep (BB)/Lovey (BM) - 1/60
227 Easy Lovin' (BB)/I'm Confessin' That I Love You (BB) - 5/60
263 Yes It's You (BB)/Burning Fire (BM) - 11/60
307 Have Gun (BM)/The Honeydripper (ALL) - 4/61

            *** NOTE: This song is by Billy Mitchell, backed up by the Bachelors.

3033 The Clovers - In Clover - 1959 (reissue of the 1958 Poplar album)
3099 Love Potion Number 9 - 1960
      Love Potion #9 (BM); Easy Lovin' (BB); You Said (BB); The Sheik (BB); Too Young (BB); Noni Cosi (BB);
      So Good, So Good (BB); I'm Confessin' That I Love You (BB); One Mint Julep (BB); Lovey (BM);
      Stay Awhile (BB); That's What's Worrying Me (BB)

255 Wrapped Up In A Dream (BB)/Let Me Hold You (BM) - 6/61

ATLANTIC (The Clovers - Lucas Group)
2129 The Bootie Green (BM)/Drive It Home (BM) - 12/61

      Salty Tears (BM)
      Travel On (BM)

WINLEY (Bailey Group)
265 Be My Baby (BB)/They're Rockin' Down The Street (BB) - 1962
            (as: The Fabulous Clovers featuring John "Buddy" Bailey)
266 Gotta Quit You (BB)/I Need You Now (BB) (label says #265) - 1962
            (as: The Clovers featuring John Buddy Bailey)

1599 Love Potion # 9 (BM)/[My Boomerang Won't Come Back - Charlie Drake] - 10/62

STENTON (Tippie & Clovermen; Lucas Group)
7001 Please Mr. Sun (TH)/Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (TH) - 1962

TIGER (Tippie & Clovers; Lucas Group)
201 Bossa Nova, Baby (TH)/The Bossa Nova (My Heart Said) (TH) - 11/62

PORWIN (Bailey Group)
1001 Stop Pretending (BB)/One More Time (Come On) (BB) - 6/63
            (as: The Clovers Featuring Buddy Bailey)
1004 It's All In The Game (BB)/That's What I Will Be (BB) - 1963
            (as: Buddy Bailey and the Clovers)

BRUNSWICK (The Clovers - Lucas Group)
55249 The Kickapoo (TH)/Love! Love! Love! (TH) - 9/63

      Yeah Yeah Yeah (TH)
      Call Her Up (TH)

1618 Love Potion No. 9 (BM)/Stay Awhile (BB) - 12/63

PICKWICK INTERNATIONAL ALBUM (Bailey group, except for "Let Me Hold You")
KS-428 The Original Love Potion Number Nine By The Clovers - 1964
      Love Potion No. 9 (BB); Pen And Tablet (BB); Please Don't Mess With Me (BB); That's What I Will Be (BB);
      Out Here (BB); They're Rockin' (BB); T.V. Fanatic (BB); I Need You (BB); Let Me Hold You (BM) **;
      Gotta Quit You (BB)

            ** This side was the last release by the original group, on Winley, before they splintered

PORT (The Clovers - Bailey and Lucas Reunite)
3004 He Sure Could Hypnotize (BB)/Poor Baby (BB) - 7/65

LANA (The Clovers - Bailey Group)
113 Love Potion No. 9 (BB)/[Hey Little Girl - Deltones] - 1965
114 Devil Or Angel (BB)/[Since I Met You - Deltones] - 1965

SHRINE UNRELEASED (Lucas Group - as "Tippie and the Wisemen") - recorded 6/65
        Wait Till I Get There
        Let Me Walk Away
        I Wouldn't Mind Crying
        Bye, Bye

JOSIE (The Clovers - Harold Winley Group)
992 Too Long Without Some Loving (BA)/For Days (BA) - 4/68
997 Try My Lovin' On You (BA)/Sweet Side Of A Soulful Woman (BA) - 8/68

XW133 Love Potion # 9 (BM)/Stay Awhile (BB) - 12/72

ALADDIN (The Clovers - Lucas Group)
4350 Bump Jive! (TH)/Bump Jive (Disco)!! [Instrumental] - 10/75

RIPETE (The Clovers - Lucas Group)
1011 Drive It Home (JM)/Don't Play That Song (SC) - 1988
            (Above also released as #2022 in the following year)
1022 Blue Velvet(SC)//One Mint Julep(SC)//You're So Fine(JM)//Lovey Dovey(SC) - 1989
3006 Hey Miss Fannie (JM)/Goin' Home To Jesus (CB/JM) - 1990

39-2179 The Clovers: Live At CT's (cassette album) - 1989
      The Love I Lost (SC); SOS (Stop Her On Sight) (SC); One Mint Julep (SC); Drive It Home (JM);
      Devil Or Angel (SC); You're So Fine (JM); 60 Minute Man (JB); Hey Miss Fannie (JM); Love Potion #9 (JM);
      Zing Went The Strings (JB); Crawlin' (JM); Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash (SC); Down In The Alley (JM);
      Nip Sip (SC); Lovey Dovey (SC); Blue Velvet (SC); Don't Play That Song (JM); Little Mama (SC)

2214 Gary Bass and the EBS All Stars - CD - 1994
      All About You (the Clovers back up Gary Bass on this single cut)

2264 The Clovers Anthology - CD - 1998
      Squeeze Box; My Mother's Lullaby; Let's Get Loose; One Mint Julep; You Sexy Thing; Nip Sip;
      Drive It Home; Crawlin'; Goin' Home To Jesus; Lovey Dovey; All About You; Blue Velvet
      Don't Play That Song; Devil Or Angel; Derby Town; Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash;
      Love You So Good When You're Stealin' It; Love Potion #9; Steppin' In, Steppin Out; Down In The Alley

      BB = John "Buddy" Bailey; HW = Harold Winley; CW = Charlie White; BM = Billy Mitchell;
      MM = Matthew McQuater; TH = Tippie Hubbard; BA = Bobby Adams; JM = Johnny Mason;
      SC = Steve Charles; CB = Chuck Battle; JB = John Bowie


ATLANTIC (with the Joe Morris Blues Cavalcade)
933 My Love, My Desire/Pack Up All Your Rags - 3/51
950 Verna Lee/If I Had Known (with thrush Teddy Smith) - 11/51
954 Let's Have A Ball Tonight/Someday You'll Be Sorry - 1/52
974 Bald Head Woman/[Ghost Train - instrumental] - 8/52

POPLAR (backed by the Bachelors)
105 Rock And Roll Tango/Bottomless Pit - Ca. 12/57

NOTE: he's NOT the same Billy Mitchell who recorded any of these:
DOOTONE 101: Song Of The Woodpecker/Ice Man - Ca. 1951
            (and many others on Dootsie Williams' Blue label)
JUBILEE 5400: Short Skirts/You Know I Do - 1961
CALLA 165: Oh Happy Day/The Chokin' Kind - 7/69


FEDERAL (with the Dominoes; he's heard on these tunes:)
12016 The Deacon Moves In (duet lead with Little Esther) - 2/51
12059 That's What You're Doing To Me (sings second lead) - 2/52

KING (with the Checkers; he's heard as lead on these:)
4558 Flame In My Heart - 8/52
4596 Love Wasn't There - 1/53

CAT (Charlie White & the Playboys [actually the Cues])
108 Tell Me/Rock, Moan And Cry - 8/54
115 Good Golly, Miss Molly/Honey Bun - 3/55

WINLEY (Charlie White, backed by the Jesters)
219 Little Mama Don't Leave Me/Sweetie Baby - 1957
229 Nobody's Fault But Mine/Dearest To Me - 1958

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