Sweet Sue

By Marv Goldberg

Most of you are probably familiar with the Crows' version of "Sweet Sue." You may also know the instrumental version by Edgar Blanchard and the Gondoliers.

Sweet Sue But did you know that the song was written for a real person? That's right, "Sweet Sue, Just You" was written (by Will J. Harris and Victor Young) in 1928 for silent film star (later talkies actress) Sue Carol.

After her acting days were over, Sue became an artist manager. She took a radio actor named Alan Ladd and made him into a movie star. They were married in 1942, remaining together until his death in 1964. Their two children were David Ladd (who was married to "Charlie's Angel" Cheryl Ladd) and Alana Ladd. [Alan Ladd, Junior was Alan's son from a previous marriage.] She's the grandmother of Jordan Ladd.

Sue Carol died in 1982, at age 74.

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