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Tootsie in 2001 Tootsie in 2005 I've gotten thousands of inquiries to know what Tootsie, The R&B Dog looks like. Well, here she is, in all her [messy but] furry glory. She's mostly a cairn terrier (think Toto in The Wizard Of Oz), but I have no idea what the rest of her is. I got her in 1994, when she was around 3.

Tootsie in 2005 Not that I think she actually likes the stuff, but, because of all the shows I put together, I bet she's listened to more R&B over the years than you have. Given the choice though, she'd rather listen to opera and polkas.

Tootsie in 2010 Tootsie left me in May 2010; I'll miss her for the rest of my life.

Tootsie's last message to me was "Woof, woof, yip, bark, arf," which I take to mean "Keep that good R&B spinning, Unca Marvy."

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