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  Warren Wins An Award

  Part of the Ravens Article By Marv Goldberg

© 2006 by Marv Goldberg

On July 19, 2006, 81-year old Warren Suttles accepted the Harlem Jazz & Music Festival 2006 Rhythm & Blues award for the Ravens. The ceremony was held at Gracie Mansion (official residence of the mayor of New York). Here are some photos from the presentation.

Warren & Me

Warren Suttles and author Marv Goldberg

Warren and LaZette

Warren Suttles and his daughter, LaZette

Warren and grandson

Warren Suttles and his grandson, Ron

with Hizzoner

That's Mayor Bloomberg on the left

Receiving the award

Warren Suttles receives the award as Mayor Bloomberg looks on

The recipient

He looks happy to me

Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price was on hand

Warren and grandson

Warren Suttles and his grandson, Ron

The award

The award

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