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Results of "Why did they record that?"

Not all that many ballots this time. Only 26 people voted. (Once again, just to fool you into thinking it was an honest contest, I didn't vote myself.) For those of you with short memories, I asked you for what you thought was the embarrassingly worst song by your favorite groups.

The winner (or biggest loser, depending on how you look at it): the Drifters' "Moonlight Bay," followed closely by the Moonglows' "Soda Pop." While it's all pretty subjective, it seemed to me that any song that got 3 or more votes was pretty dismal. Some of the songs that got 1 or 2 votes were bewildering. For example, I can't imagine what's not to like about the 4 Vagabonds' "Rose Ann Of Charing Cross" or the Orioles' "Everything They Said Came True." However, I once knew a guy who cringed every time he heard the Moonglows' "In My Diary," so if these songs really make you feel that way, then I can't argue with an honest reaction.

The good news (and I know this will please several people who commented on it) is that I don't plan to make a show out of this one.

The results appear below.

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Drifters Moonlight Bay 7
Moonglows Soda Pop 6
Dominoes Jennie Lee 5
Orioles Shrimp Boats 5
Ravens Rooster 5
Drifters Yodee Yakee 5
Platters Only You (Federal) 5
Ravens That'll Be The Day 4
4 Tunes The Ballad Of James Dean 3
Chords Zippity Zum 3
Clovers There's No Tomorrow 3
Flamingos Shilly Dilly 3
Larks Os-Ca-Lu-Ski-O 3
Midnighters/Royals Annie's Aunt Fanny 3
Penguins No There Ain't No News Today 3
Spaniels Tina 3
Swallows Itchy Twitchy Feeling 3
4 Buddies Window Eyes 2
4 Vagabonds Oh What A Polka 2
5 Keys Whippity Whirl 2
5 Royales Mohawk Squaw 2
5 Royales Monkey Hips And Rice 2
5 Willows Love Bells 2
Cadets/Jacks Wiggie Waggie Woo 2
Cadillacs Oh, Oh Lolita 2
Cadillacs Peek-A-Boo 2
Cardinals She Rocks 2
Cardinals The Bump 2
Otis Williams & Charms Don't Wake Up The Kids 2
Otis Williams & Charms Love, Love, Stick Stov 2
Chords Cross Over The Bridge 2
Chords Little Maiden 2
Clovers Love, Love, Love 2
Clovers Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash 2
El Dorados Rock & Roll's For Me 2
Harptones Mambo Boogie 2
Hollywood Flames Ride Helen Ride 2
Medallions I Wonder, Wonder, Wonder 2
Medallions Speedin' 2
Midnighters/Royals Rock & Roll Wedding 2
Penguins Earth Angel (Mercury) 2
Red Caps Silhouettes 2
Robins Turkey Hop 2
Teenagers I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent 2
4 Buddies I Love You Yes I Do 1
4 Tunes I'm Gonna Ride Tillie Tonight 1
4 Tunes My Wild Irish Rose 1
4 Tunes Sugar Lump 1
4 Vagabonds Rose Ann Of Charing Cross 1
5 Keys Handy Andy 1
5 Keys I'm So High 1
5 Keys Lonesome Old Story 1
5 Keys Old MacDonald 1
5 Keys Really-o, Truly-o 1
5 Royales Cry Some More 1
5 Willows With These Hands 1
Brown Dots Bow Wow Wow 1
Cadets/Jacks Annie Met Henry 1
Cadets/Jacks Heartbreak Hotel 1
Cadets/Jacks Pretty Evey 1
Cadets/Jacks Rum, Jamaica Rum 1
Cadillacs Bad Dan McGoon 1
Cadillacs Betty My Love 1
Cadillacs Speedoo's Back 1
Otis Williams & Charms Ivory Tower 1
Otis Williams & Charms Mambo Sh-Mambo 1
Clovers Old Black Magic 1
Coasters I'm A Hog For You 1
Coasters Sweet Georgia Brown 1
Coasters Yackety Yack 1
Coasters Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart 1
Dells Darling I Know (El Rays) 1
Dells Jeepers Creepers 1
Dells I Wanna Go Home 1
Diablos Route 16 1
Dominoes Above Jacob's Ladder 1
Dominoes Bobby Sox Baby 1
Drifters Hypnotized 1
El Dorados Bim, Bam, Boom 1
Flairs Rabbit On The Log (Hunters) 1
Flamingos Get With It 1
Flamingos The Ladder Of Love 1
Flamingos The Rock And Roll March 1
Hawks Can't See For Looking 1
Hawks Ever Since You Been Gone 1
Heartbeats Oh Baby Don't 1
Lee Andrews & Hearts Show Me The Merengue 1
Lee Andrews & Hearts The Clock 1
Hollywood Flames Frankenstein's Den 1
Larks Margie 1
Larks Coffee, Cigarettes And Tears 1
Medallions 59 Volvo 1
Midnighters/Royals Come On And Get It 1
Midnighters/Royals Sugaree 1
Midnighters/Royals Switchie Witchie Titchie 1
Moonglows I'll Stop Wanting You 1
Moonglows See Saw 1
Moonglows Ten Commandments Of Love 1
Orioles Donkey Serenade 1
Orioles Everything They Said Came True 1
Orioles Happy Till The Letter 1
Ravens Mahzel 1
Ravens Phantom Stage Coach 1
Ravens Water Boy 1
Red Caps I Love An Old-Fashioned Song 1
Red Caps My Tzatskele 1
Red Caps The Thing 1
Robins Merry Go Rock 1
Solitaires South Of The Border 1
Spaniels Hey Sister Lizzie 1
Spaniels I Know 1
Spaniels Play It Cool 1
Spaniels Stormy Weather 1
Swallows Rock-A-Bye Baby Rock 1
Teenagers Mama Wanna Rock 1
Teenagers Out In The Cold Again 1
Valentines K-I-S-S Me 1
Valentines Why 1
Charioteers None  
Deep River Boys None  
Delta Rhythm Boys None  
Dozier Boys None  
Du Droppers None  
Feathers None  
Jubalaires None  
Spiders None  
Turbans None  

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