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Last revised 7/02/02

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Results Of The Favorite Second Lead Survey

Wow! What a dumb survey. I really blew it this time, gang. Somehow, it seemed like a good idea at the time; it wasn't. I only got 9 ballots, and even then, many of the entries violated the rules. I seem to remember asking for second leads from the 40s and 50s, some of you sent in entries that were clearly from the 60s. I gave Dickie Smith as an example of an unacceptable second lead (simply because he sang so many primary leads himself) and a couple of you listed him anyhow. Rules are rules.

With only 9 ballots, there's no use in trying to make much sense out of the results. Here are some of the valid singers who received votes, with the groups in alphabetical order (the song titles don't really mean anything; they're just examples). Those with asterisks received more than one vote.
  • Avalons - James Dozier (Heart's Desire) *
  • Cleftones - Berman Patterson (See You Next Year) *
  • Coasters - Dub Jones (Charlie Brown) *
  • Continentals - Danny Hicks (Dear Lord)
  • Danderliers - probably Dallas Taylor (My Autumn Love) *
  • Dreams - Stephen Presbery (Under The Willow)
  • Duponts - William Bracey (Must Be Falling In Love)
  • Flamingos - Johnny Carter (I Really Don't Want To Know)
  • Heartbeats - Albert Crump (Tormented) *
  • Hearts - Louise Murray (Lonely Nights)
  • Hornets - Johnny Moore (I Can't Believe) *
  • Ink Spots - Hoppy Jones (If I Didn't Care) *
  • Orioles - George Nelson (A Kiss And A Rose) *
  • Penguins - Dexter Tisby (Earth Angel) *
  • Romancers - unknown (I Still Remember)
  • Solitaires - Buzzy Willis (Wonder Why) *
  • Spaniels - Willie C. Jackson (Since I Fell For You) *
  • Sparks Of Rhythm - Andrew Barksdale (Women, Women, Women)
  • Vocaleers - Herman Dunham (Is It A Dream)
  • Whispers - unknown (Are You Sorry)
A big "THANK YOU" to all of you who racked your brains to come up with meaningful entries. I'll try to do better next time.

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