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Results Of The Best And The Worst Survey

This was a survey to find out what you think is the best and/or the worst line or title for or in an R&B song. I didn't expect this to be a normal survey (with particular songs receiving lots of votes from a lot of people). I was right: only three songs received more than one vote (the Clovers' "I Played The Fool," the Cadillacs' "Down The Road," and the Rocketones' "Mexico"). And that's fine; there's an awful lot to choose from.

I usually don't vote myself (just to keep up the pretense of these things being honest), but there were a couple of goodies that I couldn't let go by.

Thanks again, to all those who voted. The results are below in no particular order.

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THE BEST . . .

Elaine Lewis
      Get A Job - Bill Horton & Silhouettes - Junior - 57
            Preachin' and a-cryin', tells me that I'm lyin' bout a job... that I never could find
Eunice Tulimieri and Marv Goldberg
      I Played The Fool - Buddy Bailey & Clovers - Atlantic - 10/52
            I'll drink a toast to a memory / I'll chase it down with tears
Eunice Tulimieri
      Lost - Richard Howard & Spartans - Capri - 5/54
            I was lost in an endless twilight / In a land of ever in between
      Big Bug Boogie - Gene Philips - Exclusive - 49
            Every time I take a sip / the big old bug tries to bite my lip
      The Letter - Vernon Green & Medallions - Dootone - 7/54
            Let me whisper sweet words of pismotality / And discuss the pompatus of love
      Double Crossing Blues - Little Esther & Robins - Savoy - 1/50
            They got lady bears out there
Marv Goldberg
      Let's Sit Down And Drink It Over - Julia Lee & Her Boyfriends - Capitol - 2/49
            The Title
      The Wind - Nolan Strong & Diablos - Fortune - 9/54
            And when the summer's rich colors are shimmering across / the mountains and the valleys
      Off Shore - Cardinals - Atlantic - 3/56
            Lights will turn to shadows / As the ship with my dreams fades out of sight
      Lilacs In The Rain - Maithe Marshall & Ravens - National - 3/51
            When April sprinkles her dreams in my heart
      These Are Things I Want To Share With You - James Pinkney & Syncopators - National - 10/49
            A fireside at eventide / A heart that's tried and true
      Tabarin - 4 Flames - Fidelity - 11/51
            We were dancing to a starlight dream
      In Each Corner Of My Heart - Nitecaps - Groove - 11/56
            In each corner of my heart / I have room for you
      Clown Of The Masquerade - Carnations - Derby - 2/52
            You're the queen sitting high on a throne / I'm the fool to obey each command
      Going Home - Jimmy Ricks/Joe Van Loan & Ravens - Mercury - 2/54
            Quiet like some still day / I'm just going home [speaking of impending death]
      Easy Street - 4 Knights - Capitol - 8/54
            When opportunity comes knockin' / You just keep on with your rockin' / 'Cause you know you're fortune's made
      Under A Blanket Of Blue - Cardinals - Atlantic - 4/54
            Wrapped in the arms of sweet romance
Howard Fridson
      These Foolish Things - Clyde McPhatter & Dominoes - Federal - 4/53
            A tinkling piano in the next apartment / Those stumbling words that told me what your heart meant.
Lane Quigley
      Flip, Flop And Fly - Joe Turner - Atlantic - 55
            Here comes my baby flashin' a new gold tooth / she's so small she can mambo in a pay phone booth
Jon Rand
      Shrine Of St. Cecilia - Willie Winfield & Harptones - Rama - 2/57
            The bells in the chapel never ring anymore / The clock in the steeple can't tell time like before.
Neil Hirsch
      I'm A Sentimental Fool - Buster Banks & Marylanders - Jubilee - 4/52
            But if you ever leave me to roam / And never again find home / I'll still wear a smile / I've had you a while
      A Kiss From Your Lips - Nate Nelson & Flamingos - Checker - 4/56
            A kiss from your lips / Changed my whole life around
      My Gal Is Gone - Andy Magruder & 5 Bluenotes - Sabre - 12/53
            She left me standing on a broken throne
      Don't Say You're Sorry - Kings Men - Club 51 - 3/57
            Don't say you're sorry, just say you really love me
Paul Webb
      Sick And Tired - Chris Kenner - Imperial - 57 (also Fats Domino in 58)
            I get up in the morning, fix you something to eat / Before I go to work, I even brush your teeth
Bob McGuiness
      Crazy For You - James Sheppard & Heartbeats - Hull - 9/55
            I think of you darling, and tears just flood my eyes
      I'll Never Tell - Willie Winfield & Harptones - Bruce - 11/53
            Ask the sun behind the clouds or a dream that's torn apart / But don't ask me, for I'll never tell, how you broke my heart
      Doll Face - Bobby Thomas & Vibranaires - After Hours - 7/54
            Just goes to show you darling what prayers can do / I prayed to God and all my dreams came true
Mike Bauer
      It Ain't The Meat, It's The Motion - Bunky Mack & Swallows - King - 12/51
            The Title


Bob Leszczak
      Man From The Moon - Harold Johnson & Crickets - Jay-Dee - 10/54
            Something shabby appeared (definition of the frightening alien)
      Mambo, Santa, Mambo - Enchanters - Coral - 11/57
            He [Santa Claus] comes every time about this year
      Thrill Of Romance - Gay Tunes - Timely - 9/53
            Please going my way
Bill Bugge and Phil Groia
      Mexico - Bill Witt & Rocketones - Melba - 57
            I need someone to cook my food, make my bed / I need someone to clean my shoes, to comb my head [Bill}
      Mexico - Bill Witt & Rocketones - Melba - 57
            Well, I'm going back to┬áMexico / that is my home town [Phil]
Kate Karp
      The Ten Commandments Of Love - Harvey Fuqua & Moonglows - Chess - 8/58
            Thy shalt never love another
      Vowels Of Love - Poets - Flash - 3/58
            The vowels of love, they are so good to me
Art Mattei and Marv Goldberg
      Down The Road - Earl Wade & Cadillacs - Josie - 6/55
            I guess I'll always love you I will / I hope the stars will cast their glow [Art]
      Down The Road - Earl Wade & Cadillacs - Josie - 6/55
            Well now if, if you want you better tell me now / I'm gonna leave, oh yes, anyhow [Marv]
Marv Goldberg
      You Never Had It So Good - Bill Brown & Checkers - King - 10/53
            The clothes you used to wear was an awful sight / either too loose or either too tight
      You Cheated - Frankie Ervin & Shields - Tender - 5/58
            Love is something you know nothing about / Love is something you can't know about / So please try to love me
      Tell Me You're Mine - 5 Jets - Deluxe - 8/54
            You hated my guts / Darling tell me why [in the middle of a pretty ballad]
Galen Gart
      The Late Rising Moon - Earl Curry & Blenders - R & B - 11/54
            He didn't put them there for me / He also put them there for you
Neil Hirsch
      Remember Me - David Ford & Tangiers - Decca - 7/56
            Remember "m" / Remember "e" / Put them together and remember me
      I'm Gonna Pick Your Teeth with an Ice Pick - Lillian Leach/Gary Morrison & Mellows - unrel Celeste - 56
            The Title
      Teeth and Tongue Will Get You Hung - Maryland Pierce & Five Keys - unrel Groove - 54
            The Title
      Gonna Feed My Baby Poison - Rocketeers - Herald - 6/53
            The Title
      Don't Mind Dyin - James Johnson & Jayhawks - Flash - 9/56
            If you do me wrong, I know you don't mind dyin'
Paul Webb
      Fuyiyama Mama - Annisteen Allen - Capitol - 55
            I've been to Nagasaki, Hiroshima too / The same I did to them, babe, I can do to you
Dave Hinckley
      Ten Commandments Of Love - 5 Diamonds - Treat - 55
            Only lists "commandments" 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7
Fred Bailin
      Doom Lang - Tokens - Gary - 7/58
            "doom lang" repeated endlessly

© Copyright 2012 Marv Goldberg