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The Discographical Catalog of American
Race, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, and Soul
Vocal Harmony Groups

By Fernando L. Gonzalez

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Dedicated to the memory of Fernando Luis Gonzalez
April 8, 1943 - October 24, 2020

* * * The Sixth Edition of Disco-File * * *

Disco-File is a comprehensive listing of all American vocal groups that can be classified as Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, or Soul. You'll also find groups that influenced or in some way were the origins of those genres. Pop groups, such as the Four Lads and the Gaylords, are not included, nor are Rap and Hip-Hop groups. And, because this publication is about American artists, no foreign artists of any kind are listed.
The types of data found in Disco-File include: artist, group members, label and catalog number of each release, the titles of both sides of single releases, session dates, master numbers, matrix numbers, takes, timings, release dates, bootleg and pirate releases, unissued titles, and any other important information about the listed recordings. EP and album releases show the name of the EP/album, the tracks of both sides as they appear on the record, the master number for each track, and any other pertinent data.
The Sixth Edition spans the years 1890 thru 2009 and includes many photos and a new section on Rhythm & Blues duets.